Wednesday, 30 April 2014

7 Reasons Why Russia Should Take Over The Crimea

The United States and United Nations continue to intervene with Russia taking over the Crimea. They have imposed sanctions on Russia and demand Russia return the Crimea to the Ukraine. However, Russia has 7 valid reasons to assume control over the Crimea.

Reason 1: Russia and Ukraine transferred the Crimea back and forth over their history. Roughly 50% of Crimea residents identify themselves as Russian. Many residents speak Russian as their primary language and share its culture. Although Ukrainians speak a Slavic language similar to Russian, it is not Russian. Furthermore, some Ukrainians harbor a grudge against the Russians for occupying the Ukraine during the Soviet Union.

Reason 2: Russian government stationed its navy at Sevastopol, Crimea. With the Ukrainian economy sinking into chaos, Russia must protect its naval base. The chaos could spread to the Crimea and the naval base, creating problems for the Russian Black Fleet.

Reason 3: Don't people living in a democracy get to choose which state to belong to? Over 90% of Crimeans voted to leave the Ukraine and join Russia. Of course, the caveat is the world must ensure Russia did not manipulate the vote. On the other hand, the United States have always experienced voting troubles. Illegal aliens vote in elections. In the old days, politicians stuffed the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes after the polling stations closed in the south. On election day in Chicago, the dead rise from their graves and vote at the elections. If the world takes away the people's right to vote in the Crimea, then the politicians dictate policy. Thus, the world's politicians eliminated the Crimeans' right to vote.

Reason 4: The economies of Ukraine and Russia differ. Out of the 15 former states of the Soviet Union, Ukraine made the fewest strives towards a market system while Russia adopted some changes during the 1990s to a market economy. Unfortunately, the Russian government started undoing those changes in the 2000s with President Putin being president for many of those years. Consequently, Russia has a better economy than the Ukraine's. Perhaps the citizens of Crimea want to live in an economy with more markets.

Economists developed measures and rankings to determine how free a country's markets. For example, the Heritage Foundation ranks countries on their economic freedom. The measure includes limited government, efficient regulations, taxation level, business investment freedom, and so on. Nevertheless, the ranking only provides a guide because economists have troubles measuring these things. For example, how do you measure efficient regulations or limited government?

Economic freedom differs from political freedom. United States was always ranked in the top 10 for economic freedom in the past, but we have fallen to the 12th spot in 2014. Government at the federal, state, and local are usurping control and accumulating power. Each year, Americans keep losing their economic freedom, but we still have political freedom. We can choose which idiots to represent us in government. However, the U.S., state, and national governments in the United States restrict us from opening new businesses. They regulate our investments and restrict our property rights. Hence, we continually drop in the rankings for economic freedom.

Reason 5: Heritage Foundation ranked Ukraine as 155 and placed it in the same class with Cuba, Burma, Iran, and North Korea. They ranked Russia a 140. Russia has a tad more freedom than Ukraine even though Heritage Foundation ranked it mostly unfree. Consequently, Crimea could gain a little more economic freedom if it broke away from the Ukraine and joined Russia.

Reason 6: Transparency International compiles the Corruption Perception Index for 177 countries. Economists and analysts have even more problems measuring corruption because corruption entails many forms – bribes, extortion, kickbacks, under the table payments, tax evasion, and so on. In 2013, they ranked Ukraine 144 and Russia at 127. Nevertheless, the United States ties with Uruguay at 19.

Businesses experience trouble growing and thriving in corrupt countries. Regulators and tax inspectors shake down companies for bribes, kickbacks, and extortion payments. Business leaders must form friends and pay bribes to the politicians and bureaucracy leaders. Then the politicians and bureaucrats will help and protect the companies. Consequently, Crimea could lower its corruption by joining Russia.

Many people forget history. Over the United States' history, Americans moved onto Indian lands and stole them. They established farming communities and cities. They also formed a territory government. Once the state had become large enough, they petitioned the U.S. government to join the nation as a state. For example, Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands remain territories of the United States. If the residents vote to join the United States as a state, should Russia and other countries oppose the residents' decision? It is a hypothetical question because it would never happen. Citizens living in a territory receive all the benefits from the U.S. government without paying all the taxes and costs.

Reason 7: U.S. government must have another agenda. U.S. government and the world fear a developing and stronger Russia. Hence, they want to restrict its size and power, so the U.S. government can dictate its policies to the world. The real issue is which country gets to control the world, and the United States does not want to share control with another country. Russia as the Soviet Union was the only country large enough to challenge the United States during the cold war.

The United States and United Nations have imposed sanctions on Russia. These sanctions will push Russia into a recession along with Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, another former Soviet State, has mineral and petroleum wealth. With more countries entering a recession, the stacked dominoes are tumbling across the world as economies begin crumbling. As the dominoes continue falling, it will bring the recession to the doorsteps of the United States. We, Americans, are experiencing the weakest economic recovery, and a world going into a recession will not help. A world in recession will push us back into an extended recession.

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