Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Where has my Celcom Internet run off to?

My Celcom internet is so fast; it has run away from me. Now, I have no more internet. Perhaps this joke is hitting below the belt, but I am frustrated with Celcom. I signed up for the internet in October 2015. I signed up for the RM85 post-paid, but I never bargained for Celcom’s famous service.

For the first year, the internet was fine. Most of the time, I had no trouble connecting to the internet. Then troubles began in October 2016. My internet connection started deteriorating. The computer would connect to the internet with the connection icon showing an active connection. However, I had no internet. Then the internet connection continued to worsen in November and December. Finally, January and February 2017, I could not log onto the internet at all during the night or morning. Sometimes, I could log on around in the afternoon, but that became problematic in February.

When I entered into an agreement with Celcom to pay 85 RM per month, in turn, Celcom was supposed to provide an internet service. As far as I am concerned, Celcom has breached its agreement with me. I filed a formal complaint with Celcom in April 2017 and requested for April’s charge to be removed from my bill. No luck! Unfortunately, I paid for April too although I had no internet. The Celcom staff blamed my computer for the problem, but my computer works fine at my employer’s and coffee shop’s Wi-Fi. Celcom just wants to take my money and offer nothing in return.

I am not sure why Celcom would treat its customers like this, but I will never sign up for post-paid from Celcom again. Celcom has lost one customer forever.

I have noticed when I would come to the Celcom office in downtown Miri; it was always busy with long queues. When I went there September 2017 to close my account and pay the outstanding bill, the queues have disappeared. Apparently, I am not the only unhappy customer.

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